An Introduction to (Luxury) Minimalism

An Introduction to (Luxury) Minimalism

Less is more. Quality not quantity. That’s minimalism in a nutshell.

Present times provide perhaps the perfect opportunity to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. With the shrinking global economy and subsequently shrinking wallets, it’s better for you (and the environment) if you buy only what you truly need. Cut the fluff, enhance your life.

Minimalism, in essence, means being minimal, consuming only what you need. This means getting rid of everything you could do without. You optimise your lifestyle such that it comprises of only what you truly require. Giving you the time and energy to focus on just what drives you and brings you joy. Cut out the distractions from your life.

Now let’s move on to what you’re here for: Luxury Minimalism.

Simply put, luxury minimalism entails that the things you choose to own are of very high quality and bring you immense satisfaction. In a sense, everything you purchase is an investment to enhance your quality of life.

As most of you reading this already know, there’s something quite ‘liberating’ about being rich enough to buy only the highest quality of what you consider essential. Apart from this wonderful feeling, you’ll also be surprised to find out how little you really need to feel fulfilled.

The first thing we do when we feel like rewarding ourselves is go spend. A new leather bag, a sleek automobile or even an exotic pet.

Not to say it’s wrong.
And sure, you can afford it.

But is it a necessity?
Most times, the answer is no.

Besides, today’s luxury consumer is a de-facto minimalist. Why? Because they spend less on goods and more on experiences. And by virtue of common sense, if they spend less on goods, they’ll obviously only buy what they deem essential. Of course, brands have caught up to this and are now trying to sell goods through experiences.

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But perhaps what’s really food for thought is how the term ‘luxury’ seems a stark opposite to the term ‘minimalist’. The truth however, is that modern culture has made minimalism so ambiguous that every run of the mill fashion, home décor and design brand tout their creative philosophy to be at least party ‘minimalist’. I’ve never understood why these brands call themselves minimalist, but maybe that’s just me.

On that note, I’d like to feature a few brands that I consider truly ‘minimalist’.


The brand reeks of minimalism. From the very first Steve Jobs iPhone to the current product portfolio. The hardware, software and overall design of every product is soothingly minimalist.

And once you get into the ecosystem, there’s no going back. To be honest, I’d never really need anything more than an iPhone and a MacBook.

Moxy Hotels by Marriott

Moxy is Marriot’s latest millennial focused hotel brand. It sets new standards for minimalism in hospitality. How minimalist? The experience begins with check-in at the bar. That’s right, they don’t even have a check-in lounge.

Moxy hotels feature expertly designed small rooms led by a thoroughly modern style language.  The size of the rooms also works to ensure affordability. Even in cities such as New York and London.
Moxy is one brand that does minimalism right.


Apparatus Studio sells spaces and things that make spaces. It’s the luxury minimalist’s candy store. The sleek, sophisticated designs exude simplicity. Apparatus has mastered the difficult art of making a space look simple yet sweepingly immersive.

They combine sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair and lacquer with patinated brass to create unique designs. Each piece is handcrafted at a historic space in New York encompassing gallery, development and production. Apparatus defines ‘Less is More’.

Maybe chaos exists only in the mind

My list is endless. However, it isn’t possible for me to list every brand that I consider minimalistic here. These brands are among my top picks primarily for their design language and high-quality.

In the end, sophistication is just appearing simple.

That said, I hope you now have an idea about what luxury minimalism is. I’ll be exploring minimalism alongside other avenues related to luxury as this blog grows.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned!

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