The Luxury Automobile And Its Future

The Luxury Automobile And Its Future

When it comes to cars, power is luxury.

The luxury automobile has represented an epitome of the luxury experience ever since the very invention of the car. Few objects signify status and power like a luxury automobile does and for this very reason, the likes of Ferrari and Rolls-Royce have been the mistress of many a successful man.

Traditionally, up until just a few years back, luxury automobiles were illustrated by intricate stitching, soft-touch surfaces and high-end materials such as leather in their interiors. While also featuring the latest in automotive technology.

The luxury automobile of today has evolved to push the boundaries on what was thought possible. And this is the path into the future.

Luxury automakers have their work cut out of them, especially considering how luxury features of yesteryear have trickled down to economy automobiles.

And car makers are living up to this challenge. Lexus, for example, features materials crafted using ancient Japanese techniques in the door trim of their latest LS500. Signifying that luxury in cars is becoming unconventional and much more unique.

A Ferrari or Porsche will always be a dream. These vehicles are not meant for optimal comfort and they never were. They represent the embodiment of the luxury driving experience. One where man and machine become one and the ride is rough. Yet the heart craves for more.

These rough riding machines signify the pinnacle of automotive luxury. One where discomfort, which can be interpreted as a fault, distinguishes the vehicle as a truly luxurious object. The very reason ambitious hustlers all over the world crave to tame these wild and sometimes plush machines.

The intense G forces that your body experiences as the power from a modern drivetrain massages your soul is irresistible. Yearning the driver to chase the feeling over and over. It’s a sport like no other and one that’ll live forever. As it has, ever since the inception of motor racing.

Yet, the cry for sustainability and lower pollution have ignited another era of development.

The holy electric.

With infinite torque available from a standstill, these mean machines are silent but deadly. Redefining the sleeper, and making power more accessible.

Tesla leads here, with their sophisticated electric motors providing tremendous thrust. Even standard Teslas rival 0-100 km times of established and capable sports cars. But speed is never the whole story.

The luxury automobile can be many things, but it always sticks to its roots. The racing heritage of Porsche is felt in every car they build. The raw nature of Lamborghini excites the driver, making him thank his stars every time he rips up the tarmac. A seemingly infinite amount of power available at a moment’s notice.

Performance and Ergonomics undoubtedly signify luxury. But there are automobiles that cater to the more extravagant perception of luxury.

The Spirit of Ecstasy has forever represented ultimate success. And no doubt that it’ll continue to for decades to come. Anybody who drives in it has achieved the ultimate in life. He is the king and the world is truly his oyster.

Few come close in craftsmanship. Even fewer in extreme comfort. It is the ultimate, crafted impeccably for the ultimate.

Majority Rolls-Royce owners are chauffeured. Obviously, not having to drive and deal with the menaces of everyday traffic is a privilege. It’s no wonder then that the industry as a whole is shifting towards autonomous driving.

Tesla today, is leading the autonomous race. They say that all their latest models ship with the hardware required for autonomous driving, just waiting to be activated via a cloud update.

This technology, as soon as it’s usable will primarily see 2 specific types of customers. Fleet operators and businesses, who could justify the high cost as a business expense and individuals, who like to be chauffeured around.

But make no mistake. There’s no way Tesla can replace the likes of Roll-Royce. Wealthy individuals would still prefer human chauffeurs. Especially since human contact is now becoming a luxury good.

However, fully autonomous driving, which could become the norm, is not the future of the luxury automobile. I just don’t see how it can appeal to the luxury petrol head. Cars are meant to be driven.

And there is immense joy in driving them. A luxury automobile elevates this very joy to a whole different league. One those with taste can never stop appreciating.

A luxury automobile can never be gotten enough of.

Sure, impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite materials, groundbreaking innovation and cutting-edge drivetrains are the future of luxury automobiles.

Yet it will always stay true to what a proper car has been. A machine that exists to fulfill the driver while also being more exclusive than ever.

The luxury automobile of tomorrow will seduce unlike everything before it. With curves sharp enough to cut the roughest of surfaces and power ample enough to make the toughest among us squeal.

And I just can’t wait.
Nehad Zein

Nehad Zein

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