Luxury, Sustainability and Experiences - The Link

Luxury and sustainability seem like polar opposites of each other. After all, luxury is rooted in excess and sustainability isn’t exactly a luxurious concept.  Furthermore, the current trend of sustainability in luxury

Why Porsche is a Luxury Car Brand

There’s nothing like a Porsche. As someone who gets *very* turned on by talent and creativity, I can’t help but immensely admire Ferdinand Porsche.  Despite being a mainstream car manufacturer who

The Anatomy of a Luxury Car

I love cars. They’re one of my absolute favourite inventions. And I can’t thank Karl Benz enough. Plus, they’re also one of humanity’s greatest achievements. The invention of the

What is Experiential Luxury?

Ever since the inception of this blog, I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding what exactly this blog is about and what I mean by ‘experiential luxury’. This piece is an attempt

An Introduction to (Luxury) Minimalism

Less is more. Quality not quantity. That’s minimalism in a nutshell. Present times provide perhaps the perfect opportunity to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. With the shrinking global economy and subsequently shrinking wallets,