Pricing in Luxury - How high is too high?

Like all things that exist in the market, you price your products based on how much the market will pay for it. Not based on your cost to produce, not based on how

The Anatomy of a Luxury Car

I love cars. They’re one of my absolute favourite inventions. And I can’t thank Karl Benz enough. Plus, they’re also one of humanity’s greatest achievements. The invention of the

Luxury Marketing – A glimpse into the future

If normally, brands are defined by their products, testimonials and market positioning; luxury brands are defined by their aspirational value, brand awareness and public perception. All three of which are generated by marketing.

The Luxury Automobile And Its Future

When it comes to cars, power is luxury. The luxury automobile has represented an epitome of the luxury experience ever since the very invention of the car. Few objects signify status and power