Luxury, Sustainability and Experiences - The Link

Luxury and sustainability seem like polar opposites of each other. After all, luxury is rooted in excess and sustainability isn’t exactly a luxurious concept.  Furthermore, the current trend of sustainability in luxury

Why Porsche is a Luxury Car Brand

There’s nothing like a Porsche. As someone who gets *very* turned on by talent and creativity, I can’t help but immensely admire Ferdinand Porsche.  Despite being a mainstream car manufacturer who

Pricing in Luxury - How high is too high?

Like all things that exist in the market, you price your products based on how much the market will pay for it. Not based on your cost to produce, not based on how

The Anatomy of a Luxury Car

I love cars. They’re one of my absolute favourite inventions. And I can’t thank Karl Benz enough. Plus, they’re also one of humanity’s greatest achievements. The invention of the